3 Children Die in an Idiana Home Fire

Photo cred: WGN News

Photo cred: WGN News

Five children and their father father were at home on Wednesday evening, while the mother was out. And at about 10:15pm a fire broke out at their home on the 600 block of Sibley Blvd. By the time responders found home engulfed in flames! The fire was said to be started by a propane space heater that was left too close to some clothes and bedding. Although it is not yet determined the fire chief said he’s almost 90% sure that’s what it was

The 27 year old father D’Andre Young and his kids were in the home when the house went up in flames. He tried to save everyone but everything seemed to happen so fast. It looked like he was only able to get to a 3 year old and a 6 year old. The 3 children that died were 7 month old Jayden Young, 3 Year old Alexia Young and 4 Year old Dasani Young.

The father was listen in critical condition with third-degree burns after trying to run back into the home trying to rescue the kids. The two surviving children were also taken to the nearest hospital in Chicago for smoke inhalation and minor burbs. They are both listen as in good condition.


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