It’s The Little Things That Count

Photo Cred: ABC7

Photo Cred: ABC7

Although so many things in life matter like waking up every morning and going to school or work. It may sound like a burden but some people are not as fortune it to do so.

On another note we can be very thankful for the weather to come for the week after enduring the coldest weather we have ever had since the last blizzard of ’97. Just a few days ago/a week ago we had negative degree weather.

This upcoming week we are in the double digits! Lets all be great full its not double digits in the negatives anymore like on Monday January 6th.

Today and Saturday will be in the highs of 40’s, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday will be in the 30’s and Wednesday and Thursday will be high 20’s. Good thing to know, now we can all get a car wash after all that dried up snow and salt.


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