Water Main Break Causes Floods in Chicago

Photo cred: WGN News

Photo cred: WGN News

In Chicago’s South Side a large water main break causing a major flood, and city crews to scramble to shut down three water sources. Although many homes were flooded it was never reported that any homes lost water.Three near by homes reported flooding in their basement but the number of houses affected is believed to be more than that.

The city’s water department says a 36-inch main water feeder broke in the residential are of the 9500 block of south Racine and the water filled homes basements and backyards and alleys in the 3500 block of S. Francisco Ave Thursday night.

Now the freezing cold temperatures that Chicago has been dealing with is part to blame, the city also is at fault. The pipes were old and rusty and in bound to break down sooner than later.


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