Jello Shots

jello shots

A great way to have a friendly outing without having to leave the comfort of your own home, but still having the same effect as a good ‘bar scene‘.  Jello shots are easy to make and fun to take. Although, there is many ways as to make them, i’ll show you the simplest way. But that never limits you to go beyond and explore, which i will and can direct you to certain sites with cool ideas.

First lets start with what you will need to make 16 jello shots. Note if your making more than 16 follow same steps for as many more as you will need to make, just with some things left over.


*3 OZ  favorite flavored Jello

*1 cup boiling water


*½ cup water


1. Chill the liquor and the water mix so they are at a constant temperature together.

2. Once chilled completely, put jello mix into a bowl.

3. Add boiling water to jello mix and stir until completely dissolved.

4. Stir in chilled liquor and water mix into the jello. (You may add food coloring for affects.)

5. pour into shot glasses (Or empty orange peels for cool affect.)

6. Refrigerate and let sit to settle liquor for at least 2 hours. (Best results if cooled over night.)

7. Enjoy with all your friends.

And that there is how you make a simple but perfect drink set up for a group of your good friends that are maybe coming over for a get together and you guys rather stay in but still have fun. I hope you enjoy but always remember to drink responsibly.


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