Metra apologizes for the woes

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Metra apologizes for the previous late delays due to the weather situation. Many riders were just relieved that the trains had been back running on normal schedule on Tuesday. “Last week was a bit of mess but I’m glad its over,” said Metra rider Shela Carden.

But its not over. Last week’s weather is still causing problems for Metra. Several Union Pacific Metra lines were a car or two short Tuesday. “Getting off the train was a little bit of a mess. We were all packed in like sardines. It was uncomfortable but I made it to work,” Carden said.

Some stops were missed on those UP lines, possibly because the cars that were running were filled to capacity. Metra says the cold snow and ice took its toll on brakes, doors and even electrical and ventilation hoses. And the cars needed to be repaired.

When asked how long Metra expects to run shorter trains, interim director Don Orseno replied, “I would say with in the next couple days we should be backed up by Friday. Depending, of course, on how quickly we can get some of these things done.”

He also took time to recap last weeks weather woes, again saying delays were caused by iced over switches, engine fuel not being delivered due to the weather and overall maintenance of the trains.

At an afternoon presentation at its headquarters, Metra says it was running at 90 percent throughout the week, canceling only 27 trains. However, Metra admitted communicating delays and cancelations was tough due the changing weather circumstances. It’s something they are looking to improve going forward, Orseno said.



Shot to the head- Garfield Park

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A 27 year old man took a shot to the head Wednesday morning around 1:30 AM in the 3900 block of Congress.

The man was shot in the head and pronounced dead on the scene.

The man’s name has been withheld by the medical examiners until the next of kin is notified of his death.

Investigators found more than one shell casing, no one is in custody as of yet.

Further reported updates to come….

Sext-ing scandal

Photo cred: ABCNEWS

Photo cred: ABCNEWS  photo cred: Examiner

photo cred: Examiner

An Indiana man was sentenced to several months in jail, exactly 120- days for ‘sexting’ 3 middle school girls who were his students at the time back in December 2012.

45 year old Bryan Tyman, former teacher at Fegely Middle School in Portage Indiana, who tried to make a plea deal back in November. The judge denied his plea saying he needed to spend some kind of jail time. The plea deal would have consisted of a year of home confinement and five years of probation for sending inappropriate picture text messages to 3 underage middle school girls.

Tyman pleaded guilty in September in 2 counts of soliciting sex with a child and admitted to sending sexually conducted text messages to students on at least 2 occasions.

On top of the 120 days of jail he also received 3 years of probation and ordered to register as a sex offender for 10 years.

Parents of the victims are outraged at the fact that he only received 120 days in jail but also they were not notified of his sentencing. One of the moms stated she would have loved to see him leave the courtroom in handcuffs, that would have been enough closure for her.


Murder Was The Case

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Photo cred: WGNTV
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A trial begins for Richard Lyons in the accusation of killing his 9 year old daughter back in 2008. This case has been built on circumstancial evidence than actual evidence that he physically killed his daughter. It is said that the 45 year old father beat and stabbed May Lyons in july of ’08.

Prosecutors hired a forensic specialist who says the blood spatter in Mr. Lyons van, that was used to transport his daughter to the hospital, is inconsistant with the story he gave the police, in fact he believes that is where the incident took place. Which he initially claimed to have said he found her in an alley bleeding and took her to the hospital.

The first witness was a women who lived 8 doors down from the Lyons home, which is where May and her brother where previously at before she died later that day.

It took over two years for the father to be charged, but in the begin he still wasn’t a suspect until they confescated his van where they found her blood on the curtans and in the vent. Which the only possible way it could have gotten there is if the murder took place there. And looking back, the reports of the father not calling 911 as well as he didn’t take her to the nearest hospital and saying he thought a dog attacked her.

More reports continue as the trial goes on…